Cosmetic Surgery in Tunisia: Doctor Nedra Gharbi

During these few last years the cosmetic surgery has been witnessed a great development in Tunisia. In fact, many cosmetic technologies have been adopted in order to satisfy the needs of all patients.
Tunisian cosmetic doctors have used their skills and experience to provide patients with what they need exactly. Hence, they have won an international reputation in cosmetic surgery field.
Dr Nedra Gharbi is an example of successful plastic and cosmetic surgeons in Tunisia.
She is a talented and well-experienced surgeon. She is considered as a pioneer in liposuction with laser. Indeed, she is the first cosmetic surgeon, not only in Tunisia but also in Africa, who has adopted the technology of liposuction with Laser.
This technology is more efficient and least complicated than the traditional grease aspiration.
More importantly, she has offered highly qualified services with competitive prices such as: facelift, breast surgery (breast lift, breast augmentation or reduction, hair grafting, liposuction…
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