Cosmetic Tourism in Tunisia

Cosmetic surgery is a very important part of medical tourism nowadays.
It is obvious that a few years ago, for many countries surgery was still considered as taboo. Nowadays, it is more and more assumed and spontaneously discussed. As a consequence, the number of plastic procedures has experienced a significant increase. Tunisia was not an exception to the rule. During the last twenty years, the country became one of the first foreign destinations for surgery especially for the French tourists. It is not a haphazard that the country benefited from this motivation in favour of Cosmetic intervention in Tunisia; in fact, the Tunisian health system provides a comprehensive on-site support and optimized hospital conditions.
Tunisia is growing in popularity as a destination for cosmetic surgery. Prices are extremely competitive compared with the UK and western Europe and there are regular, inexpensive flights.
And, of course, there is the fine Mediterranean climate – perfect for convalescing from your treatment, especially in the depths of the British winter!

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