Genioplasty is a cosmetic surgery of the chin, with the aim of changing chin position to recreate a harmonious face to face and profile.
Genioplasty is going to recreate a balance between the chin and the rest of the face, especially on the profile, under the profiloplasty.

Genioplasty chin implant by (chin prothesis)

The technique is based on several points

We define the progress of consultation desired by the patient chin.

The incision is usually hidden in the mouth (invisible scar) or very discreet under the chin.

Abox is performed in contact with the bone mandibulairte, avoiding detaching muscles chin tuft. This box corresponds to the exact dimensions of the prosthetic chin.

The interventiont is usually carried out under local anesthesia with a neuroleptic or general anesthesia if it is the wish of the patient.

The procedure takes 30 minutes to 1 hour depending on the type of implant.

The different types of prothesis chin

Following the appearance of the chin, and the correction to be made, several types of prosthesis exist: either small plants prothesis or dentures with side wings to expand too narrow chin.

Composition of prostheses used in genioplasty

artificial limbs are made mostly of hard silicone. They are very well tolerated.

The result of genioplasty by prothesis is immediate. However, the complete disappearance of edema takes between 2 and 3 months.

Hospitalization is an outpatient procedure.

A dressing of contention is stored for 5 days, to prevent movement of the prosthesis on the chin

If scar in the mouth; mixed feed for 48 hours, and antiseptic baths mouths for 5 days. Avoid hot foods first 48 hours.

This is a very satisfactory procedure that gives an almost immediate result

The patient can move his jaw safely right out of the operating room.